“Nul Points” & “Appointment” by Silence Presents

A double bill exploring bureaucracy. ‘Nul Points’ – the world of corporate essential services where your tragedy is their profit. A comedy inspired by Atos. ‘Appointment’ – a young man arrives to start an important official appointment but the landlady of the local pub knows more about it than he does! Inspired by Kafka.

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Date(s) - 20/07/2013
7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

The Old Joint Stock Theatre

Nul Points & Appointment

A double bill comprising of ‘Nul Points’ – an acerbic comedy by Mary E Davis, and ‘Appointment’ – a dark Kafkaesque play by Ian Kendall. Both pieces explore the pain and frustration of dealing with the bureaucratic world.

Nul Points

Enter the crazy world of corporate essential services. A call centre, checklist merry-go-round of madness. Where your call is important to them!  “Hello. . . kerching. . .! please hold. . . kerching. . . ! sorry but you don’t qualify. . . kerching!”  Yes, your tragedy is their profit!   Absurd!  Frustrating!  Deadly! A play inspired by Atos.


An ambitious young man arrives in a strange town. He’s about to take up an important official appointment . . . a judicial appointment! His future appears assured. But his attempts to contact the authorities are thwarted at every turn.  And, alarmingly, the landlady of the local pub knows more about it than he does . . .  A play inspired by Franz Kafka.

Both plays are directed by Rob Swinton.

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Tickets £9 (£7 concessions)

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