Anyone from individuals to full companies can apply to appear at Birmingham Fest. This includes theatre, dance, music, comedy, poetry, cabaret, rehearsed readings, workshops or seminars – absolutely anything.


Performance slots are usually up to 1 hour. Your performance can be slightly longer than an hour but this will cut into your get-out time.

Get-ins & get-outs must be kept to a minimum due to the turnaround of the festival. This will usually be 30 minutes maximum. If you have the first slot of the day the get-in can be slightly longer but this must be agreed by the venue.

Performances times are 7pm & 9pm in the evenings with extra earlier slots available on weekends (please see individual venues for time slots). Workshops and seminars are flexible.



(Until March 31st)



Taking part in the festival works on a hire basis. The venues have agreed special festival rates with different days, times, and spaces at various prices making it affordable for as many as possible. Please visit thevenues page for further details. Each venue is different so please have a look at what would suit you best. Prices are listed on each venue page (beneath gallery photos).


The artists or companies will receive the box office revenue from the performance.

Each event will be advertised on the Birmingham Fest website and in the festival brochure*.

There is a non-refundable £20 application fee for the festival (payable via the “Buy Now” button below). This is to cover administration and marketing. Applications will only be considered once this is paid. If any artist or company performs the same show more than once during the festival there is only one charge. If different shows are submitted it is £20 each. If any application is unsuccessful (ie: turned down) the application fee will be refunded in full.




Please download the application form below and once completed send to:

(please include your PayPal transaction ID)

Slots are limited so submit your applications asap.

And good luck!


*PLEASE NOTE inclusion in the brochure is dependent on receiving marketing material in time. All participating companies will be informed when they are required.

Marketing material MUST be supplied in good time and be of a high standard.


Birmingham Fest Application Form



16 Responses to “Perform”

  1. Colin says:

    I really want to consider putting on a full length play. It is a new piece of work, but has been extensively developed, especially over the last year.

    I notice that Birmingham Fest slots are restricted to 1 hour, but I believe last year some full length work happened at AE Harris. Is it possible to apply for “double” slots in venues? My play would need very little in terms of production, but it does need a full length and an interval.

    Hope you can help (me and other keen writers and supporters of full length plays!)


  2. admin says:

    Yes, the A.E. Harris did host some full length plays last year. At the moment we can’t take any applications for that venue whilst they finalise their restructuring but this will probably be the end of January. Please wait until then for details. Otherwise it may be possible to have 2 slots at a different venue (via application).
    Hope that helps.

  3. Andrew Cave says:

    I manage Da Vinci and we would love to perform our Musical Rock Opera “Razor Blade World” in it entirety with actors, it last for about 2 hours would this be possible?

  4. Elisha Beech says:

    Hi there,

    I am the Principal of All Star Vocals, singing and performance school for children aged 7-18 yrs old. I would love to book a performance slot for them but just wanted to check if the festival itself is appropriate for younger children?

    • admin says:

      Yes, Birmingham Fest is completely suitable for children and we have many youth groups taking part.
      Best wishes.

  5. Angus MacKechnie says:

    Does the Festival include any capacity for work in outdoor / site-specific venues?

  6. Ginny Davis says:

    What is the deadline for applications?

    • admin says:

      Hi there. We haven’t set a deadline yet but will put it out once it is decided. The way it works is on a first come first served basis, so basically successful applicants will be able to secure the slots. Hope that helps.

  7. Mark Wallington says:

    Do any of your venues have a piano?


    • admin says:

      Hi Mark. None of the venues have a piano but some have a weighted keyboard that can be used. Some venues have an extra charge for this. Hope that helps.

  8. Tom roberts says:

    Is technical support provided at venues?

    • admin says:

      Hi there. Technical support is provided at all venues for set-up. If you require a technician to run your show most venues will have an extra charge for this. All details on the “venues” pages price lists.

  9. David Titley says:

    A friend and I would like to do a promenade as Dr Johnson and David Garrick looking for the Old Square where Dr Johnson stayed as a young man.
    Is there anything to prevent us doing this under the Fest banner in July? Essentially we ask people the way and enter into conversation and do it to advertise Lichfield and Dr Johnson – for free.

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