“Death Drop: Back in the Habit” review


Death Drop: Back In The Habit. The Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham.


Following the success of the original Death Drop murder mystery we now get a sequel – a horror mystery set in a convent. Is it NUNsense? Absolutely, but in the best possible way!


Starring RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni Jujubee, Cheryl Hole, Kitty Scott Claus and Victoria Scone there are lots of nods to the hugely popular show which the audience lapped up like a saucer of Kitty’s milk. Drag ‘King’ Louis Cyfer (in a wonderfully energetic and comedic performance) plays Father Alfie Romeo who is sent to the convent to get his hands a ring (cue endless innuendoes) where he meets the queens who play Sister Maria Julie Andrews (Jujubee – in full Sound of Music attire flexing her comedy chops and best British accent), Sister Mary Berry (Cheryl Hole – providing the round of applause inducing “Death Drop”), Sis Titis (a wonderfully camp Scott-Claus), and Mother Superior (Victoria Scone proving the matron of this “Carry On”). There the madness begins. There’s something queer going on at the convent! Cue mysterious goings on, things that go bump in the night, horror movie references, and enough sauce to keep Heinz going for years.


The script is hilarious, the performances are camp, the action is slick. The whole production is as polished as the queens’ looks. There is so much witty dialogue you really do have to keep up. It’s ridiculous and fabulous at the same time!


If you want a good laugh and a great night out don’t miss this show.

You won’t have seen anything like it.


5 stars. A scream from start to finish.


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