“The Full Monty” Review

The Full Monty Production photos taken on 15th September 2023 in Cheltenham at the Everyman Theatre


The Full Monty. Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham.


Taking a very famous film and putting in on stage doesn’t always work but Simon Beaufoy’s play of The Full Monty does. It REALLY does. And the reason is this really feels like a play rather than a transfer. Yes all the iconic moments from the film are here but there is so much heart in this piece (there’s comedy too – lots of it!).

This piece is not just about the stripping finale – it’s why the men do it. Set in Sheffield during the 90’s we are introduced to a group of men that are out of work during high rates of unemployment. The men all have different stories and struggles and these are unravelled throughout the piece. Gaz (Danny Hatchard) is estranged from his wife but wants to provide for their son Nathan (a wonderful Rowan Poulton). His mate Dave (Neil Hurst) is struggling with his weight and body image, and a result also his relationship. Gerald (Bill Ward) is a proud man that has lost his job but hasn’t told his wife so pretends to still be at work whilst spending all day at the job centre. Lomper (Nicholas Prassad) is a security guard struggling with his sexuality and is saved from a very distressing situation by Dave.

Having been brought together by their circumstance, Gaz – inspired by a local male strip show – has the idea of doing one themselves to earn some money. After holding audition for a few more members (no pun!) they recruit Horse (the excellent Ben Onwukwe) and Guy (a VERY popular Jake Quickenden who is great).

The cast are PERFECT. Spot on performances all round.

The set works really well. Industrial scaffolding and beams that are moved around to create different spaces that also keep us within the setting.

The soundtrack is also great (Human League, Hot Chocolate, and – of course – Donna Summer and Tom Jones).

Of course there is there is THE ending – the money shot! The excitement for this was palpable in this sold-out audience. The mere suggestion of stripping drew screams (at times I felt like I was at a mass hen night!). You know what you’re getting. And you get it!


This show is hot stuff.

5 stars.


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